Wake Up (Full EP)

The state of the world we all are living in is crazy... The whole place is about to explode and it is like everyone is sleeping... From Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling how many more people have to die at the hands of crooked racist police officers, GMO and a broken system. I had a whole other project done and ready to be released.. Around 4 am One hot Miami night my dead father came to me visit me.. I barely knew him when he was alive.. So this was a major shock to me... We spoke about plenty of topics and I ask him about the current way the world going.. Right before he left..he said the world is sleeping.. Son help them #WAKEUP 😲😲😲 If I only wake up one person.. I will be satisfied... Prayers go up and blessings come down .. Enjoy the journey your about to go on... 😲#WakeUp EP 😲 OUT NOW 😲 


Person Believing Large - Wake Up ep Tracklist:

1. Intro 
2. Wake Up feat. Young Freasha 
3. Terrorist 
4. Cheat Code 
5. 1865 
6. Slavery 
7. Donald Trump 
8. Good Vibes Only 
9. God and Devil World 
10. Changes feat. Josh Lebang 
11. Gmo Iq 
12. Stay Woke 
13. New World Order

On My Own (Music Video)

You thought that I would never swerve. You going to miss me in the morning. Left the package with the baggage and the drama. I don't answer my phone, Text me if its commas.... Make it ON MY OWN. 

5 Minute song

The support on the MLK music video is serious! PB supporters I am only going because of y'all... Keep spreading that PB sound. I got some fresh heat up on #NewBeatFriday and I have some projects I am working on to release this year. I know I have not been on the blog like I should but remember... I do all of this by myself, from the production, recording /  mixing / mastering / videos and more... Dam thinking about it I might start calling myself slash from now on...O Nooo... I take pride in my music no 5 minute songs over here. It might take me a little long to drop but it will be worth the wait. Major Energy flowing!

PB Large - Winning Super Bowl Touchdown (Music Video)

Official music video by PB Large performing Winning Super Bowl Touchdown. 
Directed by Delirious